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control = to make someone (or something) do what you want them (or it) to do, or behave in a certain way

This company now controls a huge portion of the smartphone market.

N.B. control IS NOT check

* I’ve controlled the report and there are a few mistakes in the statistics.

> I’ve checked the report and there are a few mistakes in the statistics.

Friday’s Phrasal Verbs

shut off – if a machine or systems shuts off, it stops operating

My heating shuts off automatically when it gets to the right temperature.

shut up – stop talking

She should shut up for a minute and listen to what other people have to say!

sign in – sign your name in a book when you enter a place

We have to sign in and collect name badges before we can go into the conference room.

sign out – sign your name in a book when you leave a place

The health and safety regulations say that all visitors must sign in and sign out, so we know exactly who is in the building at any time.

Weekly Curiosity

International Relations

International relations are an exceptionally important aspect of citizenship in a global society. As our world becomes smaller and smaller through communication technology, rapid air transportation and a complex international economy, the value of peaceful and cooperative relationships between nations is increasingly important. Historically, one of the oldest expressions of international relations was the establishment of treaties and agreements. Furthermore, positive associations between nations promotes effective international trade policies.