(sign on a new shop)
Problem: Next refers to something, in a series, coming after the present one. It does not mean “imminent”.
Solution: Use an expression like opening soon or coming soon.
> OPENING SOON! Super Saver Discount Drugstore.
Consideration: Next is very common in time expressions.
> We’re planning a trip to Australia next year.

(general conversation)

Problem: An invented word.
Solution: The word to use is change.
> Climate change is an important issue nowadays.
> We have made some important changes in our Software License Agreement.
Consideration: The word changement does exist in French, which might be the reason some people make this mistake.

(talking about people you know)

“a friend of Franco”
Problem: The possessive form should be used.
Solution: Use the “double possessive” construction (of + [name] + ‘s).
> I’ve just discovered that Maria is a friend of Franco’s. They went to school together!
Consideration: This is the same mechanism as the construction “a friend of mine”.
#shenkerlatina #lezionediinglesegratis


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