Quotes, Sayings & Idioms

Quotes, Sayings & Idioms
“A full-spectrum approach to human consciousness and behaviour means that men and women have available to them a spectrum of knowing – a spectrum that includes, at the very least, the eye of flesh, the eye of mind, and the eye of spirit.”
Ken Wilber, American writer, b. 1949

consciousness – mind and thoughts
behaviour – manner of conducting oneself
the eye of flesh – the eye of the body; the physical eye

Still waters run deep.
– A quiet person’s placid exterior may conceal a passionate, subtle, or profound nature.

still – not moving
run – flow

Get something off your chest = talk about something that has been worrying or annoying you, so that you feel better afterwards
Letter to an advice columnist: Dear Amanda, I have a problem with my boyfriend. It’s been bothering me for a long time, and I just have to get it off my chest…


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