HIGH HEELS High heels on shoes are today


High heels on shoes are today considered an essential element of women’s fashions, but the original high heels were actually worn by men.

There was a practical reason for this: when riding a horse, higher-than-normal heels fit more securely into the stirrups that the rider uses to control the horse. (Think of the relatively high heels on the classic “cowboy boots” that are still in use today.)

The ever-higher heels that lots of women wear today may be fashionable, but they are often quite uncomfortable, and are known to cause serious problems because of the way they force the wearer to walk practically on her toes. There are even cases of women who have always worn very high heels and are incapable of walking normally, without shoes, with their feet flat on the ground.
There is an expression in English to describe women’s footwear that does not have such fashionable/dangerous/painful/ridiculous high heels. The term is “sensible shoes”.

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