(at lunch time)

“It’s almost time for lunch. Are you angry?”
Problem: If you don’t pronounce the H in hungry, it sounds like “angry”.
Solution: Pronounce the H. OBVIOUSLY!
> I’m hungry! What’s for lunch?
Consideration: Pay attention to the vowel sounds also. The U in hungry is like the U in hunt; the A in angry is like the A in anxious.

(at the dinner table)
“Would you like some more soap?”
Problem: Mispronunciation of soup.
Solution: Say [su:p].
> This soup is delicious. What’s in it?
Consideration: Soup rhymes with group, soap rhymes with hope.

(general conversation)”She speaks very well French.”
Problem: Word order.
Solution: Don’t separate the verb (e.g. speaks) and the direct object (e.g. French).
> You speak German very well. – Thank you. Actually, my mother is Austrian.
Note: As a general rule, keep the verb and the direct object together.



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