(at the reception desk)

“Are you Mr Bianchi?” – “Exact!”

Problem: Incorrect use of exact.

Solution: Say something like Right!, That’s right!, Correct!, etc.

> Are you here for the Climate Conference? – Yes, that’s right.

Consideration: Exact means precise, accurate, correct in every detail.

> The Parthenon in Nashville is an exact copy of the original temple in Athens.

The exact time is twelve thirty-two p.m.


(general conversation)

“I think yes.” / “I think no.”

Problem: Answering a yes/no question with think.

Solution: Use think + so or don’t think + so.

> Today’s the 20th, isn’t it? – Yes, I think so.

Do you think it’ll rain tomorrow? – No, I don’t think so.


(at the end of the working week)

“Thanks God it’s Friday!”

Problem: A very common expression, and a very common mistake.

Solution: Just say thank, not “thanks”.

> Do you know the expression TGIF? It stands for Thank God it’s Friday!

Consideration: In this case, thank is a verb (in the imperative).


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