What? What is this strange picture with the bad word and the vintage illustration? American Culture lesson time!

1) “Nancy Drew” is a fictional detective from the detective story series written by Carolyn Keene. The first “Nancy Drew” mystery was published in 1930. There have been over 200 Nancy Drew mystery novels published, and several movies and TV series.

2) Some of you may remember our Entertraining Lesson on the many, many uses of the word f*ck. A current slang use of the word is “to give zero f*cks”.

To give zero f*cks: to not care

I give zero f*cks! I don’t care at all!

So let’s put these two things together and see what we get:

a) The classic Nancy Drew books from the 1930s – 1980s usually had titles like “The Secret of the Old Clock” or “The Mystery at Lilac Inn”.

b) If something is “missing” it means it doesn’t exist

Ta-da! Nancy Drew and The Secret of the Missing F*cks!

It’s funny, you guys. Laugh!


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