Weekly Curiosity Curious Deaths of Burme

Weekly Curiosity

Curious Deaths of Burmese Kings
Theinhko – killed by a farmer whose cucumbers he ate without permission. (931 AD)
Anawrahta – gored by a buffalo during a military campaign. (1077)
Uzana – trampled to death by an elephant. (1254)
Narathihapate – forced at knife-point to take poison. (1287)
Minrekyawswa – crushed to death by his own elephant. (1417)
Razadarit – died entangled in a rope for lassoing elephants. (1423)
Tabinshweti – beheaded by his chamberlains whilst searching for a fictitious white elephant. (1551)
Nandabayin – laughed to death when informed, by an Italian merchant, that Venice was a free state without a king. (1599)

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