Friday’s Phrasal Verbs feel up to – feel

Friday’s Phrasal Verbs

feel up to – feel physically and mentally strong enough to do something
Do you feel up to going out this evening? I know you have work tomorrow.

get ahead – be successful in what you do
It’s tougher for women to get ahead in the workplace than it is for men.

let in – allow someone or something to enter
Will you open the door and let me in, it’s raining out here! And I haven’t got an umbrella!

mix up – to confuse, not to recognise people or things correctly
Gene and Dean are identical twins. As you can imagine, people are always mixing them up!
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TRIVIA TUESDAY Weekly Curiosity How to m


Weekly Curiosity

How to manoeuvre on top of a moving train!
Get on your feet and bend slightly forward rather than standing up straight. Move your body from side to side as you go forward with your feet spread apart and follow the rhythm of the train. If the train takes a bend, lie down flat as it will be difficult to maintain your balance. At the end of the carriage, locate the ladder in the gap between the carriages and get into a crawling position before climbing down and swinging into the carriage.

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Friday’s Phrasal Verbs pay for1 – be pun

Friday’s Phrasal Verbs

pay for1 – be punished for doing something bad
He’ll have to pay for what he’s done. We can’t let him away with it!

pay for2 – suffer because of a mistake you made
We made some poor business decisions a few years ago, and now we’re paying for it!

pay off – if something pays off, it’s successful
All her hard work paid off in the end when she got the promotion she wanted.

pay up – give back money that you owe, but not willingly
They eventually paid up but it took months of reminders.

Quotes, Sayings & Idioms Quote “It is w

Quotes, Sayings & Idioms

“It is well that war is so terrible – lest we should grow too fond of it.”
Robert E. Lee, American career military officer, 1807 – 1870
war – armed conflict
lest – in case
grow – become
fond of – affectionate towards

Forewarned is forearmed.
– If you have information in advance, you have an advantage.
forewarned – told about danger in advance
forearmed – preparedù

Wrap (someone) up in cotton wool = to be overprotective towards someone
You can’t wrap your daughter up in cotton wool forever!
wrap – envelop
cotton wool – fluffy cotton normally used for cleaning the skin, etc.

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Best of British Mary Queen of Scots (154

Best of British

Mary Queen of Scots (1542 – 1587)

Mary was the queen of Scotland from 1542 to 1567 and queen consort of France from 1559 to 1560. In 1558, she married the Dauphin of France, Francis. Widowed, Mary returned to Scotland. She then married her cousin, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, but was unhappy. In 1567 Darnley was found murdered. James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, was believed responsible, but acquitted he married Mary. After attempting to regain the throne, she fled southwards seeking the protection of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Elizabeth had her confined for eighteen and a half years. She was eventually found guilty of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth, and was subsequently executed.

widowed – rimasta vedova
fled – è fuggita
guilty – colpevole
plotting – tramare